Is he a JUGGLER ?
or just another CRAZY IDIOT ?

With LEE HAYES it's everything in one!
Combining masterful juggling and ridiculous jokes,
to create an atmosphere of pure enjoyment.
Making the easy look difficult, and the difficult look easy,
LEE has developed his own style of pre-planned chaos,
mixing near misses and amazing recoveries into a brilliant, action-packed show.

It doesn't matter whether LEE is juggling 4 flaming torches on a tower of crates,
or catching a piece of candy in his mouth, the audience keeps laughing.
Performing in any one of eight languages:
english, dutch, german, italian, french, spanish, hebrew, or japanese,
LEE holds the audience on the edge of their seat,
making them wonder which tricks REALLY are the more difficult!

But life is not about the difficult things
Life is to be enjoyed, to have FUN !
And that is what the LEE HAYES show is all about
Whether he is at a festival, trade fair, corporate symposium, theater, opening
or just walking down the street

His message comes across . . .
Like in life, the smallest surprises create the largest laughs.