Born: December 24, 1958
Nationality: Dutch
Residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


1983 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, U.S.A.
1978 High School Diploma - Ramsey High School, Ramsey, N.J. U.S.A.

In 1984, after graduating university with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lee Hayes moved from The United States to Holland and began his double career that has earned him a reliable reputation both on stage, and backstage. Within organizations he has been recognized for his enthusiasm and organization skills. On stage he has been acclaimed by audiences around the world for his creative entertaining performances.


2007 - presentBuitenkans Festival - Programmer
2007 - 2008 Terschellings Oerol Festival - Programmer Straat Theater
2005 - 2007 CODARTS Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - Teacher / Advisor
2000 - present The Perfect Pitch - Creator / Producer
1992 - present More Balls than Most - Trainer / Performer / Development and Production Assistant
1995 - 2005 El Pati Free (throughout Spain) - Presenter / Stage Manager / Production Assistant
1996 - 1997 La Strada (Bremen, Germany) - Consultant / Assistant Programmer
1990 - 1991 1st International Juggling Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia (former USSR) - Co-organizer
1991 - 2002 Stichting European Juggling Association - Founder / Chairperson
1993 - 1996 Oranjeboom Straatfestival - Programmer / Artistic Director
1989 12th European Juggling Festival, Maastricht - Director
1984 - present Performing Artist


English native
Dutch, German fluent
Spanish, French, Italian conversational


2007 - present: Buitenkans Festival - Programmeur
Buitenkans is a networking festival specifically focused on new young artists who want to enhance their careers as Street Artists and meet people involved in the industry. Lee's work includes searching for acts and artists, selecting the program, confirming agreements, and executing the festival together with the organizing team. Lee was approached for this position because of his excellent networking skills, his reputation for discovering new talent and his past record of successful festival organization.

2007 - 2008: Terschellings Oerol Festival - Programmeur Straat Theater
Lee was responsible for the Street Theater and Bonnefooi programs. As part of the Program Team Lee worked closely with the Artistic Director and the other Programmers. During his tenure he was able to lance a number of initiatives ranging from new locations for street theater to improving the operational flow for the ambient theater on the island.
Lee's responsibilities included managing the Street Theater and Bonnefooi budgets, searching for suitable acts, making all arrangements and preparing all contracts with the groups, insuring the PR department had all necessary documentation, directing the Street Theater production manager, and controlling all logistic and hospitality arrangements. During the festival Lee was vital in adjusting the planning to the unpredictabliity of Oerol, finding creative solutions to insure all parties were satisfied. Lee was the liason between the artists, the organization, the islanders, and the audiences.
Within Oerol Lee worked with the financial controller, public relations manager, production team, volunteer coordinator and staff to fulfill and execute the program.

2005 - 2007: CODARTS Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - The Circus Academy - Teacher / Advisor
When Codarts began the first Bachelor Degree Program in Holland Lee was asked to design and teach the Object Manipulation and Juggling curriculum. As part of the faculty Lee was also involved in the creation and assessment of the overall education.

2000 - present: The Perfect Pitch - Creator / Producer
The Perfect Pitch is an ever changing composite show built around the talents of the top international street performers. Each execution is unique, custom designed to fit the location, audience and situation. Lee has been responsible for the artistic vision as well as bringing together all the necessary people and equipment to insure a successful execution.

1992 - present: More Balls than Most - Trainer / Performer / Development and Production assistant
MBTM is a provider of trainings, workshops and performances for the corporate market. Presentations have ranged from CEO's and world leaders to small business units. Lee has been a performer for shows, and trainer for workshops based on using juggling and theatre as a personal development tool.

1995 - 2005: El Pati Free (throughout Spain) - Presenter / Stage Manager / Production Assistant
El Pati Free is a large scale full length open air performance. The show consists of a series of individual performers connected together by a Master of Ceremonies. In the ever changing line-up of acts, Lee was the stable Master of Ceremonies, responsible for the smooth running of the performances including liaison with the production crew. As many acts were international, Lee assisted the producer with logistics of the artists and crew.

1996-1997: La Strada (Bremen, Germany) - Assistant Programmer / Consultant
Lee worked closely with the programmer and organizer to help attract new artists, to improve the performance planning, and to create a successful volunteer system.

1990 - 1991: 1st International Juggling Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia (former USSR) - Co-organizer
Just after the opening of the Iron Curtain, Lee planned and organized a juggling convention in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. This work included all contact with the Georgian Ministry of Culture and local authorities, publicity, transport and visa's for the 150 western jugglers attending, co-operation from the Soviet State Circus, and managing the finances in various currencies. We were also responsible for the execution of all events in Tbilisi.

1991 - 2002: Stichting European Juggling Association - Founder / Chairperson
Lee established the Stichting European Juggling Association. This association was created to insure the long term quality and continuity of the European Juggling Convention as a non profit event organized by jugglers for jugglers.

Under his leadership both the organization and the convention matured from an informal gathering with no documentation to an international organization with Board members from all European countries responsible for an 8 day event that attracts over 5000 jugglers from around the world.

Work for the Stichting:
To lay the foundations of the organization, attract jugglers from around Europe and motivate them to take on responsibilities, establish a workable structure, establish and maintain a transparent financial system, and promote the organization amongst jugglers worldwide. Lee was accountable to all jugglers, and reported yearly that any financial surplus from previous juggling conventions was correctly managed and used on future juggling related events.

Work for the the Convention:
As an advisor to the annual Juggling Festival Lee was responsible for collecting information and documentation from past festivals to assist the future festivals. He was also involved in creating a world wide network to facilitate two way communication between jugglers worldwide and the local organizing team which lead to a Europe-wide system for festival registration and payments.

In this capacity Lee served as advisor, and helped plan the following EJA Festivals:
1989 - Maastricht, The Netherlands 1997 - Torino, Italy
1990 - Oldenburg, Germany 1998 - Edinburgh, Scotland
1991 - Verona, Italy 1999 - Grenoble, France
1992 - Banyoles, Spain 2000 - Karslruhe, Germany
1993 - Leeds, England 2001 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1994 - Hagen, Germany 2002 - Bremen, Germany
1995 - Goteborg, Sweden 2003 - Svendborg, Denmark
1996 - Grenoble, France

In addition, Lee attended and advised other juggling festivals through out Europe, The Soviet Union, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, United States, Thailand, and Laos.

1993 - 1996 Oranjeboom Straatfestival - Programmer / Artistic Director
Due to his extensive experience performing, organising and advising festivals around the globe, his ability to motivate fellow artists, and his charisma to attract and hold an audience, the Oranjeboom Straatfestival asked Lee to help develop a successful local event into a festival well known on the international circuit.
Lee was responsible for all matters relating to artists (selection, negotiations, accommodation and logistics), as well as preparing publicity material, preparing the technical requirements needed on site, overseeing the volunteer recruiting and planning, scheduling of all performances, and most importantly being on site to insure that all people involved were satisfied and that the plannings were executed smoothly.

1989 12th European Juggling Festival, Maastricht - Director
Lee was responsible for bringing this international event to Holland for the first time, and in the function of director was involved in all aspects of the event (budget, contact with the city, provincial and national governments, publicity, performance spaces, practice spaces, volunteer co-ordination, workshop co-ordination, accommodation, meals, travel, entertainment, etc).

1984 - present: Performing Artist
Lee began performing on the streets and squares of Europe in 1984 and it quickly became obvious that filling outdoor spaces with laughing people would become his future. His experiences have led him to major events, large theatres and corporate celebrations around the world.